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Creating a sustainable future

Going green in the textile industry is a good idea for anyone who would like to make their business more sustainable. You cannot afford to purchase raw materials every year that are rising in cost, and you must find a way to recover or recycle resources that are best for your company.

At Chawala we are striving to achieve the following for a sustainable business development :-


Responsibility Matters

With continual efforts for using renewable energy, 70% of our energy is generated through solar power panels at our company, it not only reduces the cost of energy to make the business more viable, but also adds towards making the production process more green and improves quality of air around the work place. Secondly, we are going for a major tree plantation exercise in the factory premises to improve the environment.

Filtering run-off water

The washing of natural fibers can be a dirty process. We are planning to have a water filtration plant to avoid throwing hazardous water in the industrial drains.

Renewable energy

Most of our machines, solar power and natural gas fired energy to contribute towards making this planet greener.

Recycling: We are a GRS certified company apart from Oekotex and ISO. That brings us in the line of factories which are focusing on reducing the waste by recycling and re-using it.

Working Environment/Conditions

We have made a huge investment in constructing new office wing and production area to provide our team with the best of the working environment considering the proper light lux availability and a cozy and comfortable sitting at the most modern workstations.

Improving the supply chain

We select our suppliers based on their sustainable production capability in order to buy raw materials and daily consumables.


We would be focusing on having our own logistics arrangements based on vehicles with green engines technology. For the time being we are asking our logistic partners to use CNG powered trucks to keep the environment cleaner.

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