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Lamination & Back Coating Line

We have an in-house lamination set up for fabrics. It is a double-layer or multi-layer fabric structure bonded by hot melt adhesive. The production process is to bond more than one layer of fabric (,woven, knitted, non-woven fabric or PE or TPU Film both breathable and non-breathable) together, or bond the fabric and other soft sheet materials together to form a multi-functional Composite materials. The laminated fabric obtained by laminating is widely used in retail sheeting and pillows, industrial products and clothing.

There are four types of lamination processes: flame melting method, calendering method, hot melt method and adhesive method. We can use laminated products with plain film, printed film and dark solid film as well for blackout curtains. We also have an in-house back coating facility for back and top coating for fabrics for curtains and can produce single pass, double pass and three pass coating processes.

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